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The full list of 2019 ALH Awards winners, with judges’ comments.


Access Industry Employer of the Year


TVH Parts Co.


“What TVH does is truly remarkable and unique, particularly in today’s labor environment. They’ve obviously spent a lot of time thinking about how to recruit and retain employees and creating a positive work environment.”


Access Project of the Year – Access Equipment


Marr Scaffolding Company


“This was an incredible, $2.6 billion project. 12,000 tons of steel and metal decking and 4,900 glass panels were installed. Marr’s access equipment provision included booms, scissors, scaffolding and swing stages.”


Access Project of the Year – Mast Climbing Work Platforms, Transport Platforms and Hoists




“The circular suspended access system installed by BrandSafway for the renovation of Seattle’s Space Needle was the highest, most weather protected suspended platform ever constructed. It was a really cool project, taking a lot of engineering, a lot of thought, and expert management to make it happen.”


Access Rental Innovation


Skyjack – Elevate On


“Skyjack is to be congratulated. This type of technology is making life easier and more streamlined for equipment users and rental companies. It not only streamlines processes but makes jobsites safer.”


Access Safety Innovation


Serious Labs – ESP Scoring


“Being able to track a trainee’s behaviour regarding control selection, positioning, precision, and reaction, is unlike anything we’ve seen in the industry. Amazing technology and a real advance.”


Product Innovation (MEWPs over 20 feet)


Teupen North America – LEO92SJ Plus


“It is a huge factor that the boom sections auto-grease for maintenance. Working indoors through a double door with a capacity of 882 pounds at 98 feet is extremely impressive.”


Product Innovation (MEWPs under 20 feet)


Snorkel – S3019E


“It’s an impressive lift. No hydraulic hoses, it’s all electric and the scissor stack goes into base to give a really low step-in height. This makes a huge difference for anyone climbing in and out of a platform all day.”


Product Innovation (Telehandlers)


Magni Telescopic Handlers – RTH 13.26 SH


“When talking about innovation, Magni keeps doing it. These units are seen in urban areas across North America and are replacing crane use in some instances.”


Rising Star Award (Rental companies with less than 10 locations)


ABLE Equipment Rental


“ABLE has an excellent team: Responsive, professional, progressive and fair. They are excellent to work with and have really told a story of success over the last decade. In 2018 alone they opened three new locations, bringing their total number to six.”


ALH Person of the Year


Tony Groat, IPAF



Awards shortlist


Access Industry Employer of the Year

• Kardie Equipment Company

• Teupen North America

• TVH Parts Co.


Access Project of the Year – Access Equipment

• BrandSafway

• Hy-Brid Lifts by Custom Equipment

• Kardie Equipment

• Marr Scaffolding Company


Access Project of the Year – Mast Climbing Work Platforms

• BrandSafway

• Hydro Mobile

• Mastclimbers LLC


Access Rental Innovation

• Genie – Lift Connect Telematics

• Point of Rental – UnLockIt

• Skyjack – Elevate On

• United Rentals – UR One


Access Safety Innovation

• Genie – Lift Tools Access Deck

• Haulotte Group – Quick Positioning App

• JLG – Skysense

• Serious Labs – ESP Scoring

• United Rentals – Ryze-MEWP VR Simulator


Product Innovation (MEWPs over 20 feet)

• Haulotte Group – HA61 LE

• MEC Aerial Work Platforms – Micro 26

• ReachMaster, Inc. – Bluelift B35EB

• Smart Platform Solutions B.V. – E1350SJP

• Teupen North America – LEO92SJ Plus


Product Innovation (MEWPs under 20 feet)

• Genie – GS-1330m

• Hy-Brid Lifts by Custom Equipment – ZT-1630

• MEC Aerial Work Platforms – Leak Containment System

• Snorkel – S3019E


Product Innovation (Telehandlers)

• JCB – 512-56

• Magni Telescopic Handlers – RTH 13.26 SH

• Manitou – Gehl RS4-14

• Pettibone/Traverse Lift – Traverse T944X


Rising Star Award (Rental companies with less than 10 locations)

• ABLE Equipment Rental

• Chet's Rent-All

• Kardie Equipment


ALH Person of the Year

To be announced at the ceremony.


Awards Host



Jeff has hosted local and national TV shows as well as international Live events.


He hosts his very own late night variety talk show and is station host for NBC San Diego.


When he is not on camera you can find him with a microphone in his hand in front of crowds from a couple hundred to 50,000+ people representing some of the largest brands and events on the planet.

About the awards


On the evening of the conference, ALH will hold an awards dinner that will reward and celebrate all that is best in the North American aerial platform industry.


The award categories cover product design, rental business performance, excellence in safety, stand-out projects of the year and individual achievement.


The evening will be a fantastic networking event and a great opportunity to recognize the achievements of our industry.


The award categories are given below, with more details – including judging criteria – provided in the Award Categories page.



How to enter


Companies are invited to download the entry form and submit entries. You do not need to be nominated by a third party. If you have achieved something special in 2018/19, then enter the awards and share your experiences with your peers in the industry.


For the ALH Person of the Year, submit an entry on behalf of one of your colleagues or employees, or anyone in the industry who you think deserves special recognition.




Entry forms &

judging criteria

Click the category below to see the judging criteria and download the entry forms

  • Access Projects of the Year

    •  Powered Aerial Work Platforms

    •  Mast Climbing Work Platforms/Transport Platforms/Hoists


    These categories are open to rental companies, dealers, manufacturers and contractors/end users. Joint entries involving several companies are welcomed. For both awards we are looking for details of projects carried out or ongoing since the beginning of 2018. We are looking for projects where:

    • access equipment was used extensively to increase safety and/or productivity;
    • access equipment was used in an innovative or unusual way to solve a problem;
    • where access equipment played a major role in the overall success of a project.




  • Product Innovation

    • Telehandlers/Rough Terrain Forklifts

    • Self-Propelled/Push-Around AWPs (<20-foot platform height)

    • Self-Propelled AWPs (>20-foot platform height).


    These categories are designed for manufacturers and equipment dealers. Rental companies and end users may also submit entries, in cooperation with manufacturers/suppliers. All product awards are for products introduced commercially in North America since the start of 2018. Judges will be looking for:

    • Technical or design innovations that make products safer, more productive, easier to operate, maintain and use, or solve a particular problem;
    • Products that have been well received commercially since their introduction;
    • Entrants need to explain why the product is exceptional, what improvements it offers over previous machines, and why it deserves recognition beyond the norm;
    • Judges will be looking for a clear description of the new features of the product and in the wider context (in terms of the company’s existing range and other products available in the market.)



  • Access Safety Innovation

    Judges will be looking for an innovation in the market that has enhanced the safety of the industry. Examples could include:

    • Product or technology innovation that promotes safety;
    • Safety practices on a site related to access equipment;
    • Innovation or effectiveness in training for operators, managers or others in the industry;
    • An initiative by a manufacturer, rental company, end user, trade association or regulatory body that has enhanced safety in a significant way.
    • Companies will be judged on achievements undertaken since the start of 2018 onwards.




  • Access Rental Innovation

    This award is open to rental companies and/or specialist partners in the rental IT sector. This award will recognize a rental company that has been innovative in the provision of rental services. Companies will be judged on achievements undertaken since the start of 2018 onwards.

    The innovation could involve the following examples:

    • Improved customer service;
    • Improved workshop management;
    • Application of rental software or other IT systems in a particularly effective way;
    • Reduced costs (fuel use, fewer delivery journeys);
    • Improved site service (remote monitoring of equipment, remote diagnosis);
    • Improvements to fleet management;
    • Innovations in internal and external communications;
    • Use of social media to promote rental services.




  • Rising Star Award - Small Company

    for Small Rental Company
    (less than 10 locations)

    This award is open to entries from rental companies with 10 or less locations, as long as aerial platforms, hoists or mast climbers or other types of access equipment represent a significant part of their business. Companies will be judged on their activities from the start of 2018 onwards. Judges will be looking for evidence that a small rental company (with access equipment) can demonstrate excellence in a number of areas, including, but not limited to:

    • Customer service;
    • Financial performance;
    • Employee training and development;
    • Finding new markets for access equipment;
    • Approach to safety;
    • Clear strategy;
    • Strong leadership;
    • Community spirit.




  • Access Industry Employer of the year

    This award is open to any company operating in the access equipment sector in North America, including rental companies, equipment dealers and manufacturers. Entrants will be judged on what they did from the start of 2018. Which companies treat their staff well and provide a rewarding and stimulating work environment? Companies entering this award will have to demonstrate:

    • Commitment to attracting and retaining its workforce;
    • A track record in retention of staff;
    • Effective training programs in place;
    • Clear career development opportunities;
    • Innovative approaches to recruitment;
    • An exceptional record on accidents and safety in the workforce;
    • A track record of developing its own executive talent;
    • Innovative approaches to rewarding and recognizing staff.




  • ALH Person of the year

    Is there one person who since the beginning of 2018 has made a significant contribution to the access industry? This is not a lifetime achievement award, but rather an award for a person who has made a difference in the industry since the start of 2018.


    This person might have:

    • Led a company in an outstanding way;
    • Made an enormous personal contribution on a safety or regulatory issue;
    • Had an impact on the industry in a significant way for another reason;
    • Played a key role in a significant industry event.




The 2019 ALH Awards will only recognize activities or projects undertaken or introduced from the start of 2018 and products launched commercially from January 1, 2018 to present. Products must be available in North America.

The judging panel included:


Shawn Boone – general manager of Haulotte U.S.


Troy Gabriel – chief executive officer of Franklin Equipment


Luke Powers – founder and president of


Lindsey Anderson – editor of Access, Lift & Handlers


Awards Schedule





JUNE 10, 2019



12 September 2019

6:30 – 7:30 pm

Networking Drinks Reception


7:30 – 7:45 pm

Awards Dinner & Presentations



Awards Categories


There are 11 award categories, as follows:


Access Projects of the Year

• Powered Aerial Work Platforms

• Mast Climbing Work Platforms/Transport Platforms/Hoists


Product Innovation Awards

• Telehandlers/Rough Terrain Forklifts

• Self-Propelled/Push-around AWPs (<20 ft platform height)

• Self-Propelled AWPs (>20 ft platform height).


Access Safety Innovation Award


Access Rental Innovation Award


Rising Star Award for Small Rental Company

(less than 10 locations)


Access Industry Employer of the Year


ALH Person of the Year


For further guidance on the judging criteria, contact:


(+1 312 929 4409)


(+44 1505 850043)



















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